Aquavision TV

Waterproof in-wall televisions for the bathroom

Aquavision TV

Waterproof televisions for the bathroom

We are an Aquavision Authorised Installer, which means we receive the most up-to-date training, guidance and information on product developments. The screen is offered with the simplicity of a frameless glass design and can be specified with Polar White, Black or Mirror vision finish. The screen has a widescreen 16:9 format, LED Back Lighting, Digital Freeview and is HD Ready along with a wide range of connections including component video, S-Video, HDMI and Scart all standard.

The TV back box (which is normally installed at building stage) gives you the option to add the Aquavision TV screen  when your budget allows. With its slim flush profile, your Aquavision Unit can be easily fitted into any stud or solid wall and tiled or plastered up to give that truly ‘built in’ look in any room. 

‘The ultimate in luxury, waterproof and in-wall televisions’

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