The questions we're asked most often

We find that many clients are sometimes confused when it comes to “home automation”.  These are just some of the frequents questions that we are often asked.  Please feel free to get in touch and ask us anything that we haven’t answered below.

What are the benefits of Structured cabling my home?

The main benefit of having structured cabling in your home is that as new technologies emerge you have the appropriate infrastructure (ie cabling) already installed in your home, to embrace these new technologies. More importantly, this can be achieved with the absolute minimum of disruption.

What can home automation really do?

Home automation can give you complete control over your entire home. This can include your audio, video, lighting, heating and security. In addition your system can be controlled from anywhere in the house, or indeed the world!

For example, you may wish to switch your lights and heating on just before returning home from work, or watch your security cameras in real time over the internet while you’re on holiday, or turn off your kid’s lights when they’re supposed to be sleeping. The possibilities are endless.

What are the environmental benefits?

In today’s environmentally aware society, it is imperative to save energy wherever possible. Using an automated LED lighting system to vary the level of light output saves energy and more importantly money, and you will also be able to use the ‘all off’ function to ensure no lights or AV equipment are left switched on when you leave your home.

How much will home automation cost me?

The cost of each system varies and depends entirely on which system you choose. The initial outlay in terms of cost is the installation of the structured cabling, at building stage. Once this is implemented your particular automation solutions can be installed as and when your budget dictates.

How will you help us with our home automation system?

From our initial meeting we will discuss any requirements you may have and produce a budgetary quotation, arrange for on-site visits, or a visit to our home in order to see the system in action. Once a specification has been agreed, we will devise a schematic diagram. If you should choose to use an electrical contractor of your choice we will deliver a copy for their information. If this is the case, we will liaise closely with your contractor to ensure continuity of work.

All hardware is installed into an AV rack and program at our base. We will then arrive on site to fit the hardware and ensure everything is working correctly. Comprehensive user guides and operation manuals are provided to the customer upon completion of the install to ensure any questions are answered.

Why use an authorised SONOS retailer/Installer?

I am proud to say I was selected to be an authorised SONOS installer/retailer in December 2008. This ensures I am kept abreast of emerging SONOS systems and software updates and I also have the full backing of SONOS in relation to the installation of their product. As opposed to purchasing SONOS equipment online or elsewhere you would have the added security of having a full SONOS guarantee by purchasing the system with us. In addition to having the full backing and support from SONOS you would also have the expertise and know-how of an approved and fully trained SONOS installer.

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