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SONOS NI, Wireless HiFi Music System
Play any song. In any room. Wirelessly

With the Sonos Multi-Room Music System you can add music to every part of your life and every room in your house. Wirelessly, effortlessly, flawlessly. With the touch of a finger, you can play the same song in every room or different songs in different rooms. Sonos gives you instant access to a world of music – your iTunes library stored on your computer, plus thousands of Internet radio stations and millions of songs streaming live from the Internet including Napster, Sportify, Wolfgang’s Vault, Aupeo and many more.

All you need is an Internet connection and a router to get started. Then set up your system without wires or hassles, grab your Sonos Controller and pick a room, pick a song and touch play! GMS Intelligent Systems are an authorised SONOS NI Retailer and Installer. We can advise you of and supply you with the best SONOS product to suit your needs. 


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Take Control of your music with the Sonos Controller for Mac/ PC, iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices. Download the free apps from the Android and Apple App Stores. Features include:

  • Wirelessly manage all your music
  • Drag and drop to create playlists for anywhere in your home
  • Multi-pane display to organise everything you listen to in one place
  • Individually control the volume in every room

If you love music, then you’ll love Sonos®. Its the first wireless music system of its kind and its going to change the way you listen to music at home. With the Sonos Wireless HiFi System you can stream all the music on earth, in any room, and control it all from anywhere from your mobile device. View the below video for a product demonstration. Contact us for more information.

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